* 2021 Season Information *

It deeply saddens us to have to make another post like this again, however, we have decided to remain closed for the 2021 season.

We have had many family conversations, and cannot, in good conscience, open up the restaurant this spring.

As a small business, all of our employees are family, with the majority in the high-risk category for Covid-19.

The Pancake House has been open for 30+ years. Throughout the years, some of our customers have become weekly visitors, and those weekly visits for years have made them like family to us! We know them, their families, and their stories. They have become part of our extended family! We want to keep ALL of our family healthy.

So as much as we miss our customers and want to open, we want everyone to feel safe and stay healthy. So when we open up next, we want to make sure we do it the right way - where we can serve our customers safely.

We will keep everyone posted on when we start boiling for the season - and when 2021’s syrup will be available. We will also be announcing days where you can stop in for syrup, frozen sausage, or pancake mix at a later date!

We wish everyone a healthy 2021 and hope to see you all very hungry for pancakes in 2022!

~ The Moore Family ~

Our pure maple syrup and maple products may be purchased on our website, by phone, or at our sales room located through the green door at the Maple Shack!

Keep up to date with us on Facebook! (www.facebook.com/mooresmaple)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call (716) 492 - 2714 or (716) 492 - 3067.

Look for us at our upcoming shows......Springtime in the Country (Hamburg Fairgrounds), Springtime in the Country (Rochester, NY), Lewiston Peach Festival (Lewiston,NY), Pumpkinville (Great Valley, NY), Christmas in the Country (at the Hamburg Fair Grounds), Christmas in the Country (Rochester, NY), Yuletide in the Country (at the Hamburg Fair Grounds) at our Christmas Open House (at the Pancake House)...

Remember that you can buy our maple products year round - online, by phone, or at our sales room out back!!

Would you like to join our email "mailing list"? We will be sending out email reminders of events coming up with all the dates as well as information on them. If you're interested, please go to the "Contact Us" page and scroll to the bottom. Please put you're full name and email address. In the "Question/Comment" box put "emailing list."

1967 was the year we started our maple syrup business. The original sugar-house was located in the woods approximately ˝ mile from the roadway. Sap was collected in buckets, transferred to a large horse-drawn wooden tub, and then taken to the sugar-house for processing.
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As a way to market our maple syrup and maple products, the “Sugar Shack” on Galen Hill was constructed in 1973. We are now able to have our customers and friends watch the actual process of sap-to-maple syrup . . . an experience enjoyed by many.

Check for us at...

Springtime in the Country, Yuletide in the Country and Christmas in the Country at the Hamburg Fairgrounds, Christmas in the Country at Erie, Pa, the Erie County Fair, Pumpkinville in Great Valley and the Lewiston Peach Festival...

Remember we have a sales room out in the sugar shack that is open all year round!

Maple products make the perfect gifts for even the fussiest people!

Give us a call at (716) 492 - 3067 and (716) 492 - 2714!

Moore's Maple Shack & Pancake House 716-492-3067 Freedom, New York
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